FORD CARS 2023 2024
Mustang b/ 0
Bronco b/ 0
Bronco Sport b/ 0
Edge b/ 0
Escape b/ 0
Expedition b/ 0
Explorer b/ 0
E-Series Cutaway/Stripped Chassis d/b/e 1000
E-Transit b 0
F-150 BEV b 0
F-150 Gas b 0
Maverick b 0
Medium Truck F650  Gas d /b 2500
Medium Truck F650 Diesel d/b 2750
Medium Truck F650 Tractor Diesel d/b 2750
Medium Truck F750 Gas d/b 2500
Medium Truck F750 Diesel d/b 2750
Medium Truck F750 Tractor Diesel d/b 2750
Ranger b 0
F-Series Super Duty (o/8500 GVWR) – Gas and Diesel b 0
Transit Gas (Van & Wagon) b 0
E-Series Cutaway/Stripped Chassis d/b/e 0
Medium Truck F650  Gas and Diesel d /b 0
Medium Truck F750 – Gas and Diesel d/b 0
LINCOLN 2023 2024
Aviator b 0
Corsair b 0
Navigator b 0
Nautilus b 0

Note National Fleet Incentives include: National Fleet Incentive, Fleet Special Account Credit and all applicable Commercial Fleet Credits (see below for Terms and Conditions).
a/ Ford Authorized Pool Accounts cannot order vehicles with a fleet incentive. Ford dealer must apply for fleet incentive on eligible commercial applications following pool account assignment of chassis to Ford dealer. Unit must be reported sold to a valid end-user FIN.

b/ 56M National Commercial Fleet Incentive off-invoice credits will be set to $0 for most 23MY vehicle lines and forward. 23MY E-Series and Med duty will remain unchanged.

c/ 56M is not available with Livery vehicle orders. 56M is not compatible with Limo or Hearse (LC) FINs.

d/ Ford complete vehicles, purchased from select body manufacturers, may be ineligible for fleet incentives.

e/ The E-Series Motorhome Package is ineligible for National Fleet Incentives.

f/ For security use vehicles only. Ford Fleet pre-approval is required. Contact 1-866-34-FLEET (press “2” & then “3”)

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